How to purchase goods using the Tax Free system in Russia

Shopping Tax Free allows you to save on purchases at the best shopping centers in Russia. Ask the salesperson in the store to tell you about Sber Tax Free and to give you a voucher.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Make a purchase and ask for a Sber Tax Free voucher from the store, or get one on your own.
  2. Get a customs' stamp before departure at the point of departure.
  3. Receive a refund to your bank card.
  1. Purchase

    When buying goods in a store, you can generate a Sber Tax Free voucher yourself or ask the cashier.
    Illustration of the map field on the document
  2. Confirmation

    You can get a customs stamp on your Tax Free voucher at any of the listed departure points. Please go to the Customs and submit the documents to the officer: passport, paper/electronic Tax Free voucher.

    Please be prepared to present your unused purchases with cash receipts for inspection.

    For your convenience, there is a <a>mailbox<a/> with the Sber Tax Free logo for sending a paper voucher at some departure points.
    Illustration of the place where you need to put the customs seal
  3. Refund

    If you have a paper Tax Free voucher, please use the mailbox with the Sber Tax Free logo or send the voucher by pre-paid letter from anywhere in the world.
    If you have generated the Tax Free voucher yourself, then please just wait for the funds to be credited to the bank card specified when generating the voucher.

Additional information

You can use a prepaid Sber Tax Free envelope, which is issued together with a Tax Free Voucher in the store, to mail your voucher. You can also use your own envelope, but then you'll have to pay for the postage.

Before mailing the documents, we suggest that you make a copy of them, as well as write down the individual number (DOC ID) of each Tax Free Voucher.