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Scan the QR code on your receipt or the barcode on the Tax Free form with your camera


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How does it work?

  • Easy paperwork

    Create a Tax Free voucher at the store or by yourself.
  • The minimum purchase amount

    10 000 RUB
    (including tax)
  • Up to 15%

    The refund that you will receive when making purchases with Sber Tax Free

How to purchase goods with us

  1. Purchase

    Make a purchase and ask for a Sber Tax Free voucher from the store, or get one on your own.
  2. Validation

    Get a customs' stamp before departure at the point of departure.
  3. Refund

    Receive a refund to your bank card.
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International checkpoints

Find a customs office, refund office or mailbox at the departure point

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Frequently asked questions

  • You can use the Sber Tax Free system and get a Tax Free refund if you:
    • You are a citizen of a foreign state that is not part of the Eurasian Economic Union (include countries: Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan).
    • Made purchases in Russia in the amount of 10,000 rubles or more (including taxes) in one retail store connected to the Sber Tax Free system within one calendar day (the list of stores is available on the website).
    • They exported the purchased Goods outside the country that is a member of the Eurasian Economic Union within three months from the date of its purchase.
    Visit the pages below for more details:
    CheckpointsTax Free refund procedure
    • Make purchases of at least 10,000 RUB (including taxes) in one retail store in 1 calendar day.
    • Ask a store employee to issue Tax Free - for this, present your passport of a citizen of a foreign state (not a member of the Eurasian Economic Union), with which you entered the territory of Russia.
    • Check the correctness of your data in the Tax Free form and put a signature. Additionally, you will receive an international envelope, which you can use to send the Tax Free Form if you choose a non-cash method for receiving a refund.
    • When you leave the Russian Federation, present at the Customs Checkpoint the passport of a citizen of a foreign state (not a member of the Eurasian Economic Union) with which you entered the territory of Russia, as well as the purchased Goods and the Tax Free form.
    • Get a stamp at the Customs Checkpoint (on the Tax Free form or electronically) confirming the fact that the Goods have been exported from the territory of Russia outside the Eurasian Economic Union (include countries: Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan).
    • If you have a hard copy form of a Tax Free voucher, use the Sber Tax Free Container, it is located next to the customs office. Drop the Tax Free voucher filled out and bearing the customs stamp there to get a refund to your bank card. We recommend that you include your email address in the Tax Free voucher in case we need to contact you.
      Please note: you do not need to pay for the envelope forwarding. The refund period to your bank card will increase by the time the letter is delivered to the Sber Tax Free Operator.
    • If you have issued a Tax Free voucher form on your own, just wait for the funds to be credited to the bank card specified in the voucher.
    Visit the pages below for more details:
    CheckpointsPlacement of the Operator's ContainersTax Free refund procedure
  • To find out your Tax free voucher information and status, please go to the (at the top of the website).
    1. To issue a Tax Free voucher on your own please follow the link.
    2. Scan the QR code on the receipt in order to fill out automatically or enter the data of the receipt manually.
    3. Enter your passport details.
    4. Specify the bank card details to get a refund.
    5. The form is ready, save it on your phone and show it at the customs when leaving Russia.
  • The purchase amount must be at least 10 thousand rubles (tax included), and the product itself must be purchased within one calendar day and in one retail store.
  • Find retail stores with the Sber Tax Free sign, or ask the retailer if they offer Sber Tax Free services.
    You can also use our brand directory to find specific retailers and their locations on our website:
    Stores we work with
  • You can get a customs stamp at any of the checkpoints below.
    In the largest of them there is a Sber Tax Free Container,where you can drop your voucher.
    If there is no Sber Tax Free container at the checkpoint, upon arrival in your country, just send the voucher in a prepaid envelope (if the voucher is in hard copy) or scan and send the voucher by e-mail.
    If the voucher is in electronic form, after the customs stamp is affixed, you do not need to do anything, just wait for a Tax Free refund.
    Checkpoints across the state border of the Russian Federation:
    1. Automobile checkpoints
      1. Brusnichnoe
      2. Zabaikalsk
      3. Ivangorod
      4. Kraskino
      5. Kyakhta
      6. Mamonovo (Grzhekhotki)
      7. Svetogorsk
      8. Torfyanovka
    2. Air checkpoints
      1. Vladivostok (Knevichi)
      2. Volgograd (Gumrak)
      3. Yekaterinburg (Koltsovo)
      4. Zhukovsky (Moscow region)
      5. Irkutsk
      6. Kazan
      7. Kaliningrad (Khrabrovo)
      8. Krasnoyarsk (Yemelyanovo)
      9. Moscow (Vnukovo)
      10. Moscow (Domodedovo)
      11. Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
      12. Nizhny Novgorod (Strigino)
      13. Rostov-on-Don (Platov)
      14. Samara (Kurumoch)
      15. Saint Petersburg (Pulkovo)
      16. Saransk
      17. Sochi
      18. Ulan-Ude (Mukhino)
      19. Khabarovsk (Novy)
      20. Chita (Kadala)
    3. Sea checkpoints
      1. Big Port of Saint Petersburg
      2. Vladivostok
      3. Passenger Port of Saint Petersburg
    4. Mixed checkpoints
      1. Blagoveshchensk
  • You can write out the Tax Free form at the retail store where you made your purchases by contacting the seller, or at the centralized Tax Free registration point.
    The store must be connected to Sber Tax Free.
  • Excisable goods, like:
    • tobacco
    • alcohol
    • petroleum products
    • certain vehicles
    • services
    are not subject to Tax Free.
    Just like the exceptions established by the Government of the Russian Federation.
  • We process your request within 1 business day of receiving the Tax Free Form.
    The refund is credited to your bank card account, as a rule, within 5 business days after the refund amount is transferred from the Sber Tax Free Operator's account to your bank.
    If you have not received a refund within 15 working days after sending the Tax Free Form, then we advise you to Contact our support team.
    If the Tax Free Form was mailed to us, the delivery time of the Form is governed by the rules of the postal operators (services).
  • A stamped form is valid for 1 year from the purchase date subject to export of the goods outside the EAEU (EAEU countries: Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan) within three months from the date of their purchase.
  • Yes, you can apply for Tax Free on the same day and within three months from the date of purchase.
    Please note that you need to export the goods outside the Eurasian Economic Union (include countries: Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan) within three months from the date of purchase.
  • You can contact the Sber Tax Free support service:
    1. - via web chat;
    2. - by e-mail at help@sbertaxfree.ru ;
    3. - using the web form on the site https://sbertaxfree.ru or ,www.sbertaxfree.com,.
    • Moscow
    • St. Petersburg
    • Trans-Baikal Territory
    • Republic of Buryatia
    • Irkutsk Region
    • Amur Region
    • Khabarovsk Territory
    • Primorye Territory
    • Republic of Mordovia
    • Republic of Tatarstan
    • Krasnoyarsk Territory
    • Krasnodar Territory
    • Volgograd Region
    • Kaliningrad Region
    • Leningrad Region
    • Moscow Region
    • Nizhny Novgorod Region
    • Novgorod Region
    • Rostov Region
    • Samara Region
    • Sverdlovsk Region
  • The refund is made in rubles.
    When transferring the refund amount to a bank card, the funds are converted into the currency of your bank card account.
    When paying a refund in cash through a Cash Dispensing Point, it is possible to convert the received amount into a foreign currency (subject to confirmation of such a possibility at the Cash Dispensing Point). Visit the page below for more details:
    Cash points
  • The Tax Free form is drawn up on paper in one copy on the basis of one or more cash receipts issued within one calendar day in one retail store.
  • When registering Tax Free at a retail store or at a centralized Tax Free registration point, you will receive a prepaid international Sber Tax Free envelope with the Operator's address already indicated.
    You can send the Tax Free Form stamped by customs (or unmarked if it was electronically stamped) free of charge in this international envelope from any country, no additional postage is required.
  • If you have lost your prepaid international envelope, mail the Tax Free Form, stamped by customs (or unmarked if it was done electronically) to the following address (additional postage required in the country of origin):
    “Sber Tax Free” LLC
    121170, Russia, Moscow,
    Kutuzovskiy prospect 32, building 1, premise 7.D.08
  • Do not use the purchased goods for which Tax Free is issued until the moment of inspection by Russian customs officers.
    Do not check in the goods before going through the customs inspection and be ready to present them at the Checkpoint.
    If you do not provide the purchased goods, you will not receive a customs stamp on the Form or electronically and you will not receive a Tax Free refund.